POV Certified Ghostwriting

 Your story.

Your voice.

Your book.

Why Use a Ghostwriter?

You don't have to be a writer to be an author.

You've led a remarkable life.

You have an innovative idea.

You're an expert in your field.

You need the ultimate marketing tool.

You have a bestselling series of novels in your head.

You want people to know your name.

You have a story to tell.

You need to write a book.

But for all your expertise... maybe you're not a writer.

And even​ if you are... producing a manuscript is a huge undertaking.

And even if you have one... are you sure it's ready for readers and publishers?

How Ghostwriting Works

You Tell Us Your Story

We Do the Heavy Lifting

You Have a Book

Tell Us Your Story
We Do theHeavy Lifting
This Is Your Book

End-to-End Services

A ghostwriter's support begins before a word is written

and continues after the manuscript is finished.

In addition to writing your book, we offer services that help your book outshine the competition—including the initial Readiness Review, book coaching,

and book proposal preparation.

You don't have to do this alone.

A certified ghostwriter is your professional partner—deeply knowledgeable about the publishing industry and invested in your book's success.

Most book manuscripts are rejected by agents, editors, and publishers.

But contrary to popular belief, publishing is not a lottery.

Successful authors don't make the common submission mistakes

that more than 90% of novice authors make.

POV Certified Ghostwriting helps you avoid the pitfalls

that doom manuscripts to the slush pile.

Our free PDF download, Avoid These 4 Big First-Time Author Blunders, explains how you may be sabotaging your chances of publication without even knowing it—and what you can do to separate your book from the submissions of amateur writers.

A Professional Edge