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Earlier this month, we talked about knowing your audience, and why it’s important to think about the flesh-and-blood people you want to read your book.

A similar, yet separate, idea also crucial to your book’s success is knowing your market—which means thinking about t...

At some point in your life you’ve likely heard a song that you couldn’t get out of your head. Maybe it was the catchy guitar riff or the driving beat, the sweet harmonies or the hooky chorus. Whatever the case, you caught an earworm and it was hard to think about much...

Most non-writers still tend to think books are written by lucky souls, unburdened by life's pressures, typing away for endless hours in a quiet cabin with only coffee and the muse to keep them company. But anyone who has actually tried to write a book knows how it's mo...

Rejoice: You have a completed manuscript! (And if you used a certified ghostwriter, then you’re sure it’s the best possible version of itself!) The writing is done, the pages have been printed, and you’re ready to get your baby out into the world.

So… how exactly do you...

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