The Most Important Choice You'll Make When Writing Your Book

It’s often said that everyone has a book in them, and we here at POV Ghostwriting agree. But not everyone has the time, resources, or expertise to write a book. And even if they do, experienced writers often overlook the most crucial component in determining a book’s success—indeed, the biggest reason that even books with compelling stories and beautifully written sentences are passed over by agents and publishers:


Too many otherwise promising manuscripts are derailed by distracting tangents, missing information, unnecessary repetition, specious logical leaps, and other structural issues. Structure is the DNA of your book—the building blocks on which your project is built. No matter how rich the material at the heart of your story, readers aren’t going to be able to process it unless the ideas are organized for an optimal reading experience. Choosing the right structure can mean the difference between a successful manuscript and just another item on the slush pile.

To help with this crucial choice, POV Certified Ghostwriting utilizes a tried-and-true process that includes a dedicated phase for a substantive edit—an editing pass strictly focused on structuring your book not just beginning to end and chapter to chapter, but also page to page, paragraph to paragraph, and line by line. Note that we don’t use a one-size-fits all approach to structure; because each book is as unique as its author, we’ll assess the strengths, goals, style, and voice of your book to determine the best organizing structure for your audience, and ensure that your story is free from extraneous information, logical gaps, and other distracting structural issues. If you want your ideas to shine on the page, you can’t afford to skip this critical phase of the writing process.

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