Is Your Popular Blog Actually a Great Book?

You have a killer blog. You’ve worked hard to learn your subject, establish a strong point of view, and connect with an audience. And people are taking notice—you’re getting clicks. Now, you may be wondering if you’re ready to take your work to the next level by turning all those posts into a book.

Here are a few reasons to consider doing just that:

  • You already have the raw material. Whether you write about cooking or current events, business or basset hounds, you’ve worked hard to establish a point of view and a cache of book-ready ideas.

  • A book will boost your credibility. A book is the ultimate marketing tool. As an author, you'll not only be thought of as an expert in your field, but you'll be sought after to share your knowledge with new audiences.

  • It’s a thrill to see your name on the cover of a book. It just is. No matter how wide your reach online, being the author of a book you can pull off the shelf still carries an undeniable allure.

  • You have a built-in audience and a platform from which to address them. If you have a following in the vast (vast!) sea of blogs, then it’s a fair bet many of your readers will also support your work in print. Not to mention the fact that publishers love working with authors who can bring a ready-made audience with them, as it saves their marketing and PR budgets. Speaking of which…

  • You can make money. Let’s be clear: Nobody can ever guarantee that your book will sell, or that you’ll net a splashy advance and massive sales profits. However, the potential for a wider audience and lucrative sales does exist, especially if A) your blog already has an established audience, as discussed above, and B) your book is put together by a professional whose job is to ensure that it receives the serious consideration it deserves in the marketplace.

On that last point: Turning your blog into a book is not as simple as copying and pasting your posts into Microsoft Word and calling it a day. A book is a different product than a blog. A book has to be much more focused, with themes developed and woven coherently throughout. A book requires a different structure and pacing than online writing, and might require you to reframe your arguments, do additional research, or develop new material. And of course, publishing in print and being sold as a retail product sets different consumer expectations for your work than publishing free content online does, even if your existing audience is wide and enthusiastic.

A certified ghostwriter understands these challenges and can help transform your blog posts into a professional, compelling, marketable manuscript. Your work can maintain all of the unique traits that make it yours—your words, your voice, your point of view—with the help of a writing and publishing industry expert who is eager to help you succeed.

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