How a Certified Ghostwriter Perfects Your Voice on the Page

One of the most common questions people have about working with a ghostwriter is, understandably: Will the book end up sounding like me, or like the writer?

If you trust your project to a ghostwriter who charges by the word/page/hour, or only talks to you over email before they start writing, or seems more interested in putting words in your mouth than listening to the ones that come out, then the answer might be a resounding no.

A certified ghostwriter, however, knows that a person’s way of communicating is as unique as their fingerprint. We’re trained to identify the things that make you sound like you. Some of the ways a certified ghostwriter captures your unique voice include:

  • Listening to you. Every project with POV Ghostwriting includes at least one interview (and usually several), as well as frequent communications in person or over video conference. This valuable face time gives your certified ghostwriter access to not just what you say, but how you say it.

  • Noticing word choice. Do you call it soda or pop? Do you say folks or individuals? Do you go out of your way to avoid cursing? What's your favorite exclamation?

  • Examining sentence structure. Is your natural sentence playful, pithy, and full of adjectives, or blunt and forceful? Do you split infinitives? Do you hate ending your sentence in a preposition?

  • Thinking about point of view. Do you address readers directly to engage them, posit hypothetical examples to make them think, or throw them into the action to provoke an emotional response?

  • Understanding your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Writing the story of your sailing trip around the world as a travel memoir will be different than writing it as an instructional guide.

  • Preserving your perspective. We will ensure that your intent always comes through, and we will never insert our own opinions in place of yours.

  • Leaning into your quirks. Are you enthused about exclamation points? (Cool!) Are your sensory details scented, savory, and succulent? Are entertaining tangents part of your charm? While a traditional editor or inexperienced ghostwriter might cut these idiosyncrasies from manuscript, a certified ghostwriter will make them part of your message—because they’re part of what makes you sound like you.

Capturing your style and choices—your voice—on the page as if you’d written the words yourself takes time, focus, understanding, and a trained eye. It also makes the difference between having a book that’s yours and having a book with your name on it.

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