How to Be an Author Without Giving Up Your Free Time

If you comb through the many (many!) books about how to write, you’ll notice that every writer has a somewhat different take on the process. However, there is one thing all writers agree on: Writing a book eats up a tremendous amount of your time.

If you’re not already a professional writer with a few bestsellers under your belt, then you’re going to have to schedule writing your book around all the other entanglements of daily life—your job, of course, but also family, friends, and other social commitments, your other hobbies, and the small but essential daily time-sucks like going to the grocery store or the gym, walking the dog, and catching up on the latest season of that Netflix show your friends keep talking about.

In short, you may not have time to write the book that you know is in you.

That’s where a certified ghostwriter can help.

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with a certified ghostwriter on your book project is that it allows you to tell your story in your voice, but without the extraordinary time commitment that writing a book entails.

Projects with POV Certified Ghostwriting typically take 6–9 months from initial meeting to delivery of the final manuscript, but for the vast majority of that time, the project will be in your ghostwriter’s hands. Your commitment as the author includes:

  • An initial meeting or series of meetings to discuss your book, go over any existing material, determine how much new material will need to be generated, and set project expectations and deadlines.

  • Regular in-person check-ins or video conferences as each chapter is written to offer feedback and assess the progress of the book.

  • Review revisions of later drafts.

  • As-desired contact with your certified ghostwriter at any point in the process for questions, comments, and new ideas.

Compare the convenience, comfort, and flexibility of that schedule to the daily grind of rearranging your life to write the book yourself—not to mention the expertise, reliability, and peace of mind that a certified ghostwriter brings to your project.

Being an author requires great vision, a strong point of view, and a story to tell. But it doesn’t have to require all your precious time.

To talk about how much time a certified ghostwriter can save you, call (800) 717-3314 or email As always, consultations are free.

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