It's Time for a Fresh Perspective on Your Book Project

A book you’re writing lives with you for a long time—it’s basically a song that gets stuck in your head for years on end. It can live with you so long, in fact, that it’s natural to lose perspective on it (Does this paragraph even make sense?), get too wrapped up in tangents and loose ends (This isn’t what I started out writing…), or get bored or even angry with it (I can’t look at this sentence anymore!).

At times like this, it’s invaluable to have a set of fresh eyes on the project to give you feedback. It’s also vital that this feedback doesn’t just point out the flaws in your work—as most freelance editors will happily do—but rather acknowledges its strengths and tells you how to maximize your project’s potential.

An Analysis & Recommendations (A&R) from POV Certified Ghostwriting is a powerful tool that helps get your book project on track. We’ll read your manuscript—whether that consists of a few pages or several hundred—and provide you with a short, easily digestible written report that includes:

  • Clear-eyed identification of your project’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Detailed analysis of your manuscript, including subject matter, structure, themes, focus, writing, market viability, and more

  • Prioritized, actionable recommendations for how to enhance your strengths, downplay or eliminate weak spots, and achieve your book’s potential

The A&R is not just for stalled book projects—it can also be a huge asset to authors with finished manuscripts that haven’t gotten traction with agents or editors, or to authors who haven’t started the actual writing yet, but have a few pages, an outline, or just some notes that hint in the general direction of a book. At any point in the process, an A&R provides valuable clarity and actionable guidance to help make your book successful.

The A&R is available as an à la carte service, and is also included in the fee for all full ghostwriting projects. See Services & Rates for more detailed information.

Want to find out what an A&R can do to jumpstart your book project? Call (800) 717-3314 or email for a free consultation.

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