Why a Cybersecurity Professional Should Write a Book

This post is the first in a series about why people with specific work or life experiences should consider writing a book.

It’s nearly impossible to go online and not see a story that touches on cybersecurity, whether it’s about governments trying to hack each other, a credit card breach at a large retail company, or a new ransomware attack. This new breed of security threat creates problems not just for governments and corporations, but, more and more, for individuals.

These problems need solutions, and that’s why the cybersecurity market is experiencing a boom. Forbes estimates that by 2020, information security will be a $170 billion a year industry.

If you have deep experience in information technology or information security, then the market is in dire need of your expertise. And if you can stand out from your competition in the market, the opportunities for growth are nearly limitless.

One of the best ways to stand out is to write a book that details your experiences in the industry, explains these complicated threats in plain English, or posits solutions to security problems we see online every day. If you’re an IT or infosec professional, writing a book could:

  • Establish you as an industry expert. If you have valuable, hard-won insight from a career spent fighting cyber threats, understanding infrastructure, or learning the “full stack,” then a book with your name on the cover sets you apart from your peers and competitors and gives you the recognition you deserve as an expert in your field.

  • Expand your platform. A book is the ultimate marketing tool, and being an author lends you instant credibility as a source for industry journals, conferences, mainstream print media interviews, television appearances, and other audiences that might not be available to you without a book.

  • Contribute to the solution. Presumably, you got into the cybersecurity arena to solve some of these difficult problems, and your experience can help others protect themselves. The prestige of being a published author gives you the gravitas to stop reacting to the conversation around information security and start shaping it.

  • Have a place in the market. As I already noted, books on this topic are in high demand, and because the industry is (relatively) new and constantly evolving, there is a dearth of credible experts to write those books. There is certainly an audience for well-written, thoughtful, accessible books about cybersecurity.

IT is an industry where seconds matter; your time is valuable. Because of that, and because you want to be sure your expertise comes across as effectively as possible, a certified ghostwriter is a tremendous asset in helping you write your book. One specific advantage POV Certified Ghostwriting has over other services is my years of experience in the IT/infosec industry before starting this company, including earning my SSCP credential from ISC2. If you want a ghostwriting partner who not only knows how to write books, but already has a leg up on this subject matter as well, then call (800) 717-3314 or email pov@povghostwriting.com for a free consultation.

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