Your Book Is the Ultimate Business Card

When you’re putting together a marketing budget for your business, you may be focusing your resources on social media, online content creation, print or TV ad buys, or something as small as business cards. All of these avenues can be effective, but they’re also all temporary—the tweet goes out, the ad plays, the business card gets lost in someone’s wallet, and then what do you have? So while not ignoring these forms of advertising, you and your business may benefit greatly from a more permanent form of advertising: writing a book.

When you're an author, your book is a perpetual marketing tool—it never stops working on your behalf. Think of it as a business card that doesn’t get pitched in the trash or lost in a drawer. Books are substantial enough that they don't enter and then immediately leave someone's mind like a social media post does, and unlike business cards, flyers, print ads, or banners, books aren’t disposable objects in the minds of their users—rather, they’re objects that are kept and referenced, recirculated in libraries and used-book stores, bought for classes and seminars, and passed around between colleagues. With each new leg of a book’s journey, more people see your name on the cover, and you become a more and more trusted authority on your subject.

Having the book's title on your CV is its own form of credibility, but having a physical book to hand out to potential clients, conference attendees, media outlets, and the general public is a tangible advertisement that keeps paying dividends long after the initial sale.

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