Congratulations! Your Book Is Finally Finished. So... Now What?

Rejoice: You have a completed manuscript! (And if you used a certified ghostwriter, then you’re sure it’s the best possible version of itself!) The writing is done, the pages have been printed, and you’re ready to get your baby out into the world.

So… how exactly do you do that? You’ll need a book proposal.

If your book is a work of fiction, then the proposal will include the completed manuscript (don’t try to sell a novel with only a few chapters written!), a powerful and persuasive synopsis, and a well-informed query letter.

If you’ve written a work of nonfiction, then the proposal is quite a bit heftier, and knowing exactly what to include in the proposal, how to ensure its professional quality, how to format and present the material, and where to send the finished product gets complicated quickly.

In both cases—fiction and nonfiction—a certified ghostwriter ensures that your manuscript gets the serious consideration it deserves by conducting market research to determine the most receptive agents and publishers to send your manuscript to (based on subject matter, publishing history, market, similar titles, and other factors). In the case of the more complicated nonfiction proposal, your certified ghostwriter will also include an author biography, an overview of the book, at least two sample chapters, an in-depth analysis of the market and the book’s potential place within it, an assessment of the current and upcoming competition, and a detailed promotional plan, among other pieces.

Book proposals are included in the fee for all full-service fiction and nonfiction projects, but these services can also be done á la carte for existing manuscripts.

Unlike your book, a book proposal is a sales document, designed to sell an agent, editor, or publisher on your work. For your book to succeed, it’s imperative that the proposal be professional, organized, and complete—written by someone who understands that book proposals are both science and art.

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