Why a Relationship Expert Should Write a Book

This post is part of a series about why people with specific work or life experiences should consider writing a book.

Songwriter Jeff Barry once aptly defined why stories about love have such an indelible pull, saying that love stories boil down to:

I love you, I don’t love you, come here, go away, I miss you, I don’t miss you. I’m lonely. I’m not lonely. It’s all about affairs of the heart. And we can all relate to those.

As with songs, movies, and other forms of media, books about love and relationships attract an audience. So, if you have deep experience or keen insight into these subjects—if you’ve loved, lost, and learned; if you’ve successfully navigated a difficult divorce, or found a way to rekindle a dormant your romance with your partner; if you know the top dating apps like the back of your hand—you should consider writing a book to share your thoughts with the world. The reasons are plentiful:

  • The subject is evergreen… and so is the market. While some publishing fads come and go, certain book subjects are evergreen—that is, they’re always relevant regardless of calendar date, industry trend, or cultural moment. Love, dating, relationships, heartbreak, hope… these subjects never go out of style, for readers or publishers. “Love and Relationships” even has its own category on the New York Times Best Seller list. If your book is put together professionally, it will get the serious consideration it deserves in the marketplace.

  • There are as many approaches to the subject as there are people. A book about love and relationships could take a hundred different forms, all of which are malleable to suit your particular expertise. You could recount your personal romantic history as a memoir or case study, wherein you extrapolate bigger lessons from your own experiences. You could research a historical relationship and tell us what experiences from years ago can teach us now. You could write a treatise on modern dating, where technology opens up a world of potential matches. You could write a self-help about how to deal with bad breakups. If you’re a scientist, you could write about chemical reactions in the brain when you fall in love. And on and on…

  • You can help people find happiness. People reading about these subjects are looking to deepen their understanding about the issues that, arguably, define us most as human beings. Therefore, you’d be contributing your voice to the conversation about how to live life better. Your experiences, advice, and insight could make a real difference for a reader you’ve never met.

  • There are ample opportunities for personal branding. Once you’re an author, you have the chance to not only join the conversation, but to lead it. Google “relationship expert” and more than half a million hits come up. This is a viable career path, and a great avenue into markets including life coaching, counselling, weekly columns, conference speaker roles, seminars, a social platform, and more. A book is the catalyst that will allow you the authority and credibility to be taken seriously in the marketplace of ideas about love and relationships.

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