Fulfill Your Dream: Be an Author

On this blog, we’ve talked a lot about the practical reasons to write a book—and there are lots of them. But we haven’t talked about one big, important reason. It’s not quantifiable by book sales, reputational cache, or good publicity, but you feel it in your gut:

You should write a book because you’ve always dreamed of being an author.

If you're reading this, then you’ve likely been carrying around the idea for your book for a long time. Whether you want to write a guide to help people survive a bad breakup, a treatise on how to combat poverty, a memoir about your career in law enforcement, or a groundbreaking series of fantasy novels, you’ve been dreaming about the prospect of writing the book for so long that now, it seems like just that—a dream.

But it doesn’t have to be. Close your eyes and picture your name on the cover of a book. Picture taking it off a shelf, holding it in your hands, and opening it up. Think about giving copies to your family and friends. Picture other people reading it. Think about how it would feel to finally share your ideas with the world.

Being an author is a great professional accomplishment, but it’s also deeply fulfilling to see your ideas come to fruition on the page, and to recognize your distinct voice in a book. Your book may help, inform, or inspire others, but don’t overlook how good being an author makes you feel about yourself—and don’t be afraid to chase that feeling.

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