Don't Be Shy: Tell Me About Your Book

One of the biggest reasons I got into the ghostwriting business was the chance to get to know different types of people and hear their stories. I love listening to prospective authors paint a vision for their book, and it’s endlessly fascinating to learn how someone else’s mind works. These ghostwriting projects expose me to ideas, industries, experiences, and cultures that I would never be exposed to otherwise, and it’s wildly fulfilling.

So, I invite you: Tell me about your book! If the idea for a book has been percolating and you haven’t had a chance to let it out yet and get swept up in the rush, then please contact me so we can talk about your project. I’d love to hear your ideas and talk about the different forms they could take. It’s a genuine pleasure for me, it could help your book materialize in the real world, and all discussions we have about your project are strictly confidential—it’s just you, me, and your book.

To start writing the book you’ve been thinking about for so long, call (800) 717-3314 or email for a free consultation.

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