Why a Health Care Professional Should Write a Book

This post is part of a series about why people with specific work or life experiences should consider writing a book.

Perhaps no issue divides and confuses Americans quite as much as health care, and the stakes for figuring out the industry’s problems are often, quite literally, life and death. Readers are in desperate need of help navigating these complicated and contentious issues. So if you’ve spent your career as a doctor, nurse, hospital administrator, insurance provider, or other health-care industry professional; if you’ve been in the weeds of health-care policy, implementation, or regulation; or if you’ve simply had your life greatly affected by a health-care-related topic, then you should consider writing a book about your experience for the following reasons:

  • Health care is obviously a relevant subject. Pending legislation now promises that health care will remain a relevant topic in American life for years to come, so the publishing market will continue to look for books that can help illuminate the subject to readers searching for clarity.

  • Your expertise is badly needed. With so much confusion or outright misinformation floating around, the reading public is in desperate need of trustworthy information and clear-eyed analysis of health care issues. If you can succinctly and compellingly explain any facet of the industry—including but not limited to the nuts and bolts of the private and public markets, the employer-based system, budgeting, lobbying, pharmaceuticals, or even the everyday charges someone might see on their medical bill—then your book would be a welcome addition.

  • You can help shape the discussion. If what you read online or see on TV every day infuriates you, then you should go from following the conversation to leading it. Having a book gives you the authority to do just that—the words author and authority share a common root for a reason.

  • A book gives you the platform to advocate for your position. Certainly, not every book about health care will take an argumentative position—for instance, an analysis of health-care policy administration over a 30-year span is going to be a much different book than one that advocates for more ALS research, for instance. But if you’ve spent your career in this industry and you’ve seen its problems, then you likely have ideas for how to fix them. So tell people! Being an author allows you to get off the sidelines and advocate for the health care causes closest to your heart.

A certified ghostwriter can help you articulate your experience, thoughts, and policy positions on health care in the form of a terrific book. If you’re ready to contribute your much-needed voice to the national health-care discussion, then call (800) 717-3314 or email pov@povghostwriting.com for a free consultation.

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