Best New Year's Resolution Ever? Write Your Book!

If the holidays are the time to cut ourselves a break, kick our feet up, and sit back in appreciation of the year that was, then January is the time to take stock of possibilities, roll up our sleeves, and get to work accomplishing our goals. For lots of people, that work takes the form of a New Year's resolution.

Approximately 40% of Americans will make resolutions this January, and you're probably familiar with the most common: exercise more, eat better, quit smoking, spend less time watching TV or on the phone. Unfortunately, less than 10% of those resolvers will actually follow through fully on achieving their goals.

But if you want to look back on 2018 with a real sense of accomplishment, consider making this the year you finally share your incredible life story, give birth to your long-gestating novel, or put your groundbreaking idea out into the world for others to share.

Make 2018 the year you become an author.

With the help of a certified ghostwriter, it's easier than ever to accomplish this goal—simply tell your ghostwriter your story and watch it come to life on the page (click here to read about the ghostwriting process in full). The book is written with minimal effort on your part, yet on your schedule and, most importantly, in your voice. Your ghostwriter won't let you fall short of your goal, because we won't stop until you have a professional-quality manuscript and a submission-ready book proposal to start sending your book to agents, editors, and publishers.

And in addition to the satisfaction of finally seeing your story on the page, becoming an author also provides you numerous benefits in the new year, including having the ultimate marketing tool to promote yourself or your business, earning the recognition of your peers, and (as detailed in a future blog post) a potentially sizable tax write-off.

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