Why an Elite Athlete Should Write a Book

This post is part of a series about why people with specific work or life experiences should consider writing a book.

Though 2018 is still young, America's athletic calendar has been jam-packed. Between the NCAA football championship, the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics, the NBA All-Star Game, the Daytona 500, and the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament, big-time sports generate points of connection between strangers, heated debate between friends, big business for the leagues and rights-holders, and intense interest from the public in the athletes themselves.

Social media provides an outlet for high-profile athletes to reach fans on a daily basis, but to connect in a deeper, more meaningful, more lasting way, athletes of all stripes know it pays to write a book.

Here's why:

First, if you've ascended to the ranks of professional in your sport or you're a highly visible amateur (looking at you, Olympians), then you have already defied incredible odds—and you therefore have a story to tell. The details of the interactions, decisions, and sacrifices that come with being elite in your field are the stuff of bestsellers. What was it like the first day you picked up a ball, took to the track, or strapped on a pair of skis? Who helped and inspired you as you got older? What obstacles did you overcome to succeed? What happens (or happened) when your playing career is over? What do you want other people to learn from your experiences?

To that end, because of your public achievements, it's likely you already have a built-in audience for your book, making your project more marketable to agents, editors, and publishers. Die-hard fans and general-interest readers alike routinely make athlete memoirs and leadership books hot commodities.

A book is also the best way to gain credibility for your professional platform or personal brand. Becoming an author allows you to sell books at conferences, conventions, or private speaking engagements; establish yourself as an expert in your field; add your voice to the discourse about the sport you love; and stay visible to your fanbase and the general public.

Finally, creatively, there are myriad viable angles from which to approach writing a book about your journey. You may be an athlete who took a traditional route to stardom, you may be a coach with leadership experience applicable to the boardroom, or you may have developed new statistical models that can help others excel at fantasy sports. Sports are so ingrained into the fabric of American life that every angle has a potentially interested readership.

Whether you're a veteran of America's big 4 sports or an individual standout—a baseball player, a figure skater, a pro wrestler, a runner—if you've succeeded in your field, then you have a valuable story to share with readers. To talk with a certified ghostwriter about what a book can do for your career—and your legacy—call (800) 717-3314 or email pov@povghostwriting.com for a free consultation.

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