How to Make a Resolution You'll Be Thankful for Next Year

I typically make some kind of resolution heading into a new year, even if it’s informal. I like the idea of New Year’s Day as a reset button that helps me focus on what’s ahead. Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth with actually writing down resolutions and keeping track of them. (Incidentally, this is a highly beneficial habit if you can swing it, and there are any number of apps to help you track your goals.)

Last year I wrote mine down. There were some perennial favorites, like exercising more often, along with some more targeted goals, like checking my phone less. (This book can help a lot!) Some I hit, some I fell hilariously short on, but the list is as good a point-in-time measure of my priorities and wants as anything, and going back through those items was informative and kind of refreshing.

This year, try writing down some concrete goals—and don’t be afraid to dream big. A New Year’s resolution can (and should) be more than just a goal to lose X number of pounds. Rather, it’s a chance to focus on yourself, admit what you want, and make a plan to go get it. Lots of people, myself included, feel too busy with life and work’s daily demands to put themselves first, but that only abets the likelihood of your dreams and desires falling by the wayside.

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that one of your goals is to see your name on the cover of a book as a published author. You may not think you have the time, talent, or a compelling enough story to merit that kind of gift to yourself, but POV Certified Ghostwriting is built on the premise that you do. No other story is like your story, and taking steps to put it out into the world is a powerful act that makes the world a better place (and has exceptional personal benefits as well).

Don’t let another year go by without doing something huge for yourself. Call (800) 717-3314 or email for more information and take the first step toward becoming an author and fulfilling your literary dreams.

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