Who Do You Want to Read Your Book?

At some point in your life you’ve likely heard a song that you couldn’t get out of your head. Maybe it was the catchy guitar riff or the driving beat, the sweet harmonies or the hooky chorus. Whatever the case, you caught an earworm and it was hard to think about much else.

Well, having an idea for a book works much the same way. Your story—a piece of forgotten history, a powerful thesis about sociology or politics, an engrossing fantasy novel—drills itself into your brain and takes root, and you can’t stop thinking about it. Only instead of a three-minute song that earworms for a day or two, your book or series of books stays with you for weeks, months, even years. You churn over the intricacies of the plot, jot down phrases and characters as they come to you, and delve deep into fascinating background research. It’s unshakeable.

All of which is great, though your personal obsession with your book may blind you to a hugely important question you should be asking:

After my book is written, who’s going to want to read it?

It’s natural to overlook this question in the early stages. In fact, there’s a fine argument to be made that you shouldn’t consider your book’s audience when you’re writing a first draft, particularly if it’s a story that’s deeply meaningful to you. Your goal should be to just get it on the page after carrying it around with you for so long.

However, after the first draft, you need to start thinking of your book as an object with a life out in the world. If you want to sell your book, you’ll need to find what’s appealing about the story to a wider audience and revise with those potential readers in mind. Do readers gain something from reading your book (if so, what)? Will it help them solve a problem (if so, which)? Will it entertain them (if so, how)? And, importantly, does your intended audience translate to a demonstrable section of the book-buying market? You may not care a lot about that last question, but editors, agents, and publishers most certainly do.

If you want your book to be more than just your ideas on the page—if you want other people to buy and read it—then you’ll need good answers to all these audience questions, and more. POV Certified Ghostwriting ensures that your book is written and revised with an audience in mind, but we will never compromise your story or your voice to get there. Our expert knowledge of the publishing industry and current market help you target your work to a receptive reader base, and will also demonstrate to publishing industry professionals (via the included book proposal) that you’ve accurately assessed the landscape and can sell your book.

Your book is too important to simply send out into the world and hope readers and industry professionals find it. Call (800) 717-3314 or email pov@povghostwriting.com to learn how a certified ghostwriter gives your book the best possible chance to resonate with the widest possible audience.

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