Why a Book Coach Is the Right Call

POV Certified Ghostwriting exists because we love helping make our clients’ literary dreams come true. We recognize that those dreams take many forms, not just in terms of the final product, but also in terms of the process that produces the book. Often, we hear from folks who have an idea, some notes, or even a partial manuscript for a book they want to write themselves, but they need direction on how to execute their vision. Many of these people loved reading and writing in high school English class, or took creative writing courses in college, and they enjoy the process. Some journal regularly, discovered they have a talent for blogging, or took up writing as a hobby but aren’t sure how to put together a full book. For others, the story just feels too personal to trust it to someone else, no matter how capable.

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, then you might benefit greatly from the services of a book coach. Unlike a full ghostwriting engagement, where your certified ghostwriter tackles the project from end to end and crafts the book to reflect your voice, a book coach walks you through the process of writing your book yourself, offering professional advice and actionable solutions on issues of structure, plot, characterization, language, tone, the publishing marketplace, and more.

Want to brainstorm what the doctor in your medical thriller should do after she discovers her hospital is conducting dangerous experiments on unsuspecting patients for profit? Need help organizing the exploits of your grandfather’s service in World War II into a coherent and compelling narrative? Wondering how to best present your research, how to keep readers turning the pages of your self-help title long enough to benefit from the advice, or whether self-publishing is right for you? A book coach can help with all that and more.

You and your coach meet one on one (typically via video conference), with sessions scheduled around whatever suits your availability and goals—daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. Some coaching engagements are more hands-on than others, but your coach always answers specific questions and provides tailored guidance that helps you maximize your writing efforts, avoid common pitfalls, stay focused on your goals, and provide crucial moral and tactical support that helps you overcome the roadblocks and dead ends that doom many book projects. Coaching agreements at POV Certified Ghostwriting are charged at a monthly rate, and because we know life is unpredictable, the engagement can be paused or restarted whenever you wish.

If you’re unsure how to proceed with your book but you’re either not ready to commit to a full ghostwriting engagement or you want the hands-on experience of writing the book yourself, then coaching may be the perfect route for you. For a free consultation to learn more, call (800) 717-3314 or email pov@povghostwriting.com.

NOTE: If you’re really at the beginning of your project and aren’t sure whether you’d benefit more from coaching or a full ghostwriting engagement, then you might also consider the Analysis & Recommendations (A&R), which is an initial assessment of your project that summarizes its strengths and problem areas, analyzes its market viability, and provides detailed, prioritized recommendations for how to move forward.

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