Ghostwriting Services & Rates

Produce an entire book from scratch

or push your in-progress book across the finish line

Full Manuscript Ghostwriting

Develop and write your full-length book based on your idea, notes, or in-progress manuscript

Ghostwriting projects are billed using a flat project fee rather than a rate that charges by the word, the hour, or the page. Exact rates are determined on a project-by-project basis, and are dependent upon things like the scope and complexity of the book, the amount of research and new content creation needed, delivery deadlines, and more.


From $29,999

Most projects take 6–9 months

Payment due monthly

Memoir & Fiction

From $34,999

Most projects take 9–12 months

Payment due monthly

See How Ghostwriting Works for an overview of all-inclusive ghostwriting services.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details on pricing and schedule.

Note: The Book Proposal and Readiness Review services discussed below are included in all full manuscript projects.

Standalone Services

Standalone services are billed using a set project fee rather than a rate that charges by the word, the hour, or the page, or one that varies from project to project.

Readiness Review

Read your manuscript or notes and offer a detailed written review

If you already have project notes or a manuscript in progress, we read them and generate a written report that:

  • Provides a detailed analysis of the project

  • Identifies your book's greatest strengths and biggest issues

  • Targets high-level market strategies

  • Makes prioritized, actionable recommendations you can use as a road map to optimize the book for agents, editors, publishers, and readers



Takes 1–2 weeks

Payment due in advance

Memoir & Fiction


Takes 1–2 weeks

Payment due in advance

Note: If you move from the Readiness Review to a full ghostwriting project, the Readiness Review project fee is credited toward your ghostwriting total.

Substantive Edit

Edit your completed manuscript for structure, language, and clarity

You completed a draft of your manuscript, but even though you poured loads of time and energy into the writing, you know something’s not right. The characters seem flat, the plot doesn’t add up, crucial details are unclear, and the whole thing doesn’t read as professional. You're stuck, but you’re not sure how to fix it.


A substantive edit eliminates these weaknesses in a full manuscript draft, whether that means reorganizing the content to read more logically, adding vibrant character and scenic details, rewriting for clarity, pinpointing areas that need further research or development, and more.

This is a “happy medium” option that doesn’t include the research, interviews, project planning, or drafting stages of a full ghostwriting project, but provides more hands-on help than working with a book coach. You’ll walk away with a professional-grade manuscript draft that can withstand the scrutiny of agents, editors, and publishers, or that’s ready to go to a self-publishing service.



Takes 1–2 months

Payment due half in advance and half upon completion

Memoir & Fiction


Takes 2–3 months

Payment due half in advance and half upon completion

Book Proposal

Prepare your submission materials for agents or publishers

Even a perfect manuscript is doomed without a quality book proposal, and publishing pros can easily spot the difference between an amateur proposal and a professional one. Book proposals from POV Ghostwriting include:

  • The first 2–3 finished chapters of your manuscript

  • A synopsis of your book

  • A detailed marketing and promotions plan

  • An assessment of your manuscript's competition in the current market

  • An author biography

  • A personalized query letter

  • Presentation in industry-standard format that separates your proposal from those of amateur writers



Takes 1 month

Payment due half in advance and half upon completion

Memoir & Fiction


Takes 1 month

Payment due half in advance and half upon completion

Book Coaching

Coach you through the process of writing your book yourself

A book coach is a consultant who helps you do everything on your book except the actual writing. You meet with your coach over video conference on a schedule that works around your life—up to 3 hours per week and 12 per month. During that time, your coach helps you with any or all of the following:

  • Identifying your source material, working through research, and deciding what to include

  • Developing an outline for the book

  • Setting a master schedule for the project and deadlines for individual chapters

  • Reading chapters as you write them, providing pointed feedback and actionable guidance on issues of structure, plot, characterization, language, tone, and more

  • Identifying big-picture revisions and small edits to move the story forward

  • Answering your questions about writing and editing processes to avoid common pitfalls

  • Navigating the publishing process (what to include in a proposal, whether self-publishing is a good fit, which markets to target and how, etc.)

  • Staying motivated, focused on your goals, and faithful to your deadlines to produce pages and finish your book

  • Providing moral support to overcome any difficult roadblocks

You can end the coaching engagement at any time. Or, if life gets busy and you need a break, we can pause the project until you're ready to resume and pick back up where we left off.




Payment due at beginning of 1-month term

Memoir & Fiction



Payment due at beginning of 1-month term

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details on services, pricing, and schedule.