The Ghostwriting Process

How your ghostwriter turns your great idea

into a professional-quality book manuscript

1. Readiness Review

Assess your project's strengths and market viability

  • We read your notes or partial manuscript (if they exist)

  • You get a detailed analysis (3–5 pages) of your book that tells you what's working, what's not, how to fix your pain points, and how to maximize your strengths

  • An assessment of the potential market for your book and how to best target those readers, agents, and publishers

  • This step helps you determine whether you're ready to move forward with your book—and the best direction to go


2. Information Gathering

Conduct interviews and research​

  • You and your ghostwriter conduct one or more interview sessions, using the information to establish the scope, story, and vision for the book

  • We determine whether we need any additional interviews or research to complete the manuscript, and who is responsible for doing it

  • This step is crucial in giving your ghostwriter a sense of your authorial voice


3. Structural Edit

Organize and focus your material

  • Your ghostwriter collects and logically organizes the material, eliminating information gaps, redundancies, tangents, and other structural issues

  • The result is an outline that serves as the backbone of the book, weaving a clear thread that readers can follow to connect with your story

  • This critical step is the one most often overlooked by novice writers, but it's essential to creating a successful book


4. Draft

Write the book in your voice, tone, and style

  • Your ghostwriter puts meat on the bones established in the structural edit, drafting the book one chapter at a time

  • You give feedback on each chapter, and your ghostwriter revises as needed

  • We don't move to the next chapter until you're satisfied with the current one

  • Some additional interviews and research may be conducted during this phase

  • This step ensures that the book conveys not just your meaning, but your voice and point of view


5. Line Edit

Revise the book line-by-line to make the language sing

  • With a full draft of the manuscript in place, your ghostwriter goes back through, line by line, to fix any remaining content issues

  • Using strong craft, your ghostwriter adds richness and life to the sentences, fixes inconsistencies in the voice, and ensures that the writing sounds just like you

  • As with the previous draft, you review and provide feedback, which is incorporated before moving on to the next chapter

  • This step is where the real writing happens—and where you appear fully on the page


6. Proofread

Third-party review for grammar, punctuation, and style

  • We send the line-edited manuscript to a third-party proofreader, who reviews it for grammar, punctuation, formatting, and other mechanical mistakes to make sure it's ready for submission

  • Content is not changed in this phase

  • POV Ghostwriting includes review by a professional proofreader in the cost of the project, or you can hire your own

  • This step catches the minor errors that you and your ghostwriter may be blind to after going through the manuscript so many times


7. Book Proposal

Market your book to agents and publishers

  • Your ghostwriter develops a custom marketing and promotions plan for your book, including an assessment of your competition in the market

  • This research is bundled with finished chapters and a synopsis of your book, an author bio, and a personalized query letter for agents and publishers

  • This step delivers a professionally formatted proposal that separates your book from the submissions of amateurs and ensures it will be taken seriously by industry professionals


8. Finalize & Deliver

Your finished manuscript + book proposal

  • After making the corrections noted by the proofreader, we deliver the completed draft to you, along with your finished book proposal

  • As this step completes, you're ready to start submitting your book to agents, editors, publishers, or self-publishing services