Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

If you want a professional product

it pays to seek out a professional

It's Time to Make Your Mark

Who You Are

A respected expert in your field. A seasoned pro with valuable experience. A problem-solver with a clear vision. A serious thinker with an innovative idea. A creative powerhouse with a story to tell. A fighter ready to build your empire.

You've put long hours and huge effort into developing your business, personal brand, or original idea. You know deep down in your bones that you can help, entertain, or inspire people.


You know that what you have to say matters.


What You Need

A foot in the door. A way to get noticed. An honest chance.

Even with your skills, accomplishments, expertise, and work ethic, it can be hard to break through the din of a noisy world and attract the attention of increasingly diverse and specialized audiences.

You need something that sets you apart from the pack, establishes you as an authority in your field, and gives you and your ideas the elevated stature that even the best job titles, professional awards, or referrals can't.

Becoming an Author Could Change Your Life

To attract an audience, connect with people, boost your profile, and be taken seriously, nothing conveys more legitimacy than being the author of a published book.

A book is the ultimate business card, the ideal marketing tool that puts you a step ahead of your competition. Being an author is a serious investment in yourself and your ideas that could open countless doors for you—including business lead generation and networking benefits, media appearances, speaking engagements, and heightened career opportunities, not to mention the chance to connect with an audience of loyal readers.

With your nonfiction, memoir, or fiction book in hand, you go from being someone with an idea to being:

  • A business leader who puts their company on the map

  • An entrepreneur who explodes their personal or professional brand

  • A healthcare professional who cuts through the political noise and offers the public real solutions based on years experience

  • A cybersecurity specialist who keeps people safe from online threats

  • A relationship expert who helps others find love

  • A professional athlete who inspires the next generation

  • A visionary who shares their vibrant fantasy world with eager readers

  • A storyteller who creates the next great sci-fi, mystery, or romance series

In short, being an author lifts your voice above the noise and tells people that you're someone they should listen to.

What Might Be Stopping You

Between your job, family, friends, pets, travel plans, volunteer work, hobbies, exercise, and time to veg out—when would you actually write?


Grinding away at a manuscript for months until it's perfect takes prolonged, focused attention, and you're already pulled in a hundred different directions a day.


You might not have the expertise—or the desire—to organize your book, much less research, interview, edit, or manage the project.


You assume your life isn't special enough to write about. You tell yourself, Who am I? Who would want to read my story anyway?


You gave writing a shot and started off strong, but now you're stuck. How do you get back on track?

What Next?

Even with a finished book in hand, do you know what your publishing options are or if the book is truly ready for readers?

...And Then What?

But Really, There's One Big Problem...

You're not a writer.

Don't worry. We hear that a lot. Read on.

Your great idea

should be a great book

A Ghostwriter Helps You Break Through

POV Certified Ghostwriting provides professional, confidential ghostwriting services for people who want to turn their great ideas into great books. We help you vault over the hurdles standing between you and your dream of being an author, whether they're put there by a busy schedule, a lack of writing expertise, an unfamiliarity with the publishing industry, or your own sense of doubt.

Because here's the truth: You do have a story to tell, and people are waiting to read it.

From the initial idea through final submission to a publisher, we take the burden of writing the book off your shoulders, producing a professional-quality manuscript in your words and your voice.

Our services are completely confidential and tailored to meet your needs, whether that means positioning a book to give it the best chance at widespread publication, self-publishing for a specific audience, and everything in between.

The Benefits of Using a Ghostwriter

When you trust a certified ghostwriter with your nonfiction, memoir, or fiction manuscript, you get an array of benefits you wouldn't get by writing the book yourself, including:

A professional to bring your vision to life

Hours, days, weeks, and months of time and energy back for yourself

The relief of not having to face the blank page or the daily writing grind

Honest, constructive feedback on your project from an expert

A written road map that offers guidance on navigating the entire project, from idea to publication

The knowledge of a seasoned researcher and interviewer to help fill information gaps

A workhorse who can generate content, hit deadlines, and produce your book on time

The confidence that your ideas, intent, and point of view always shine through on the page

The assurance that your book will be the best possible version of itself

A publishing industry insider who positions your book to succeed in the marketplace

A partner with whom you can speak freely and candidly

A discrete collaborator who protects your confidentiality

A sense of accomplishment when you hold your completed manuscript in your hands

The opportunity to become a thought leader or recognized expert in your field, or to tell the story you've wanted to tell for years

Our Point of View

You are the main event

Your unique words, voice, experience, and perspective—your point of view—is what brings your book to life.

Your book is your book

While we use our expertise to help guide and shape your book, all final decisions—about content, structure, characterization, tone, and language—are yours alone.

We're in this together

POV Ghostwriting takes an agile approach to projects that values collaboration, continuous improvement, flexibility, and results.

Maintaining your confidentiality is a top priority

POV Ghostwriting always keeps your privacy in mind when researching, writing, and making decisions about your book, and our name never appears anywhere in the book or copyright.

We're not happy until you're happy

When you have concerns, questions, or moments of inspiration, you can reach out to your ghostwriter directly by phone, email, or text message and expect a prompt response.

You don't have

to be a writer

to be an author


“Brian did a fantastic job. I thank him for all his hard work and dedication to this project! I really don’t think I could have done it without his help. I would have been another person with a badly written, half-completed manuscript that was always in progress for decades.”

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